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Official Mahjong Rules – Mah Jongg

There are over 500 million players around the world who enjoy playing mahjong. The game is played with four players and the game pieces and scoring could be different. This difference in scoring would depend on what region the mahjong game is played in. To play the game you shuffle 144 tiles faced down and then draw 13 tiles at random order and line them up.

The mahjong player table set for four players who will end up playing the popular mahjong game.

The Mahjong set contains 36 distinct kinds of pieces, 4 copies of each for a total of 136 plus 8 bonus tiles total tiles 144.

“Character” – Mahjong Suit Tiles

“Dot” – (Stone) Mahjong Suit Tiles

“Bamboo” – Mahjong Suit Tiles

“Wind Tiles” – Mahjong Honor Tiles

“Dragon Tiles” – Mahjong Honor Tiles

“Flowers” – Mahjong Bonus Tiles

“Seasons” – Mahjong Bonus Tiles

The goal is to build a hand a complete set 4 groups and a pair. It can be a triple 3 identical tiles, a sequence 3 subsequent number tiles . The four players take a tile from the wall and discard a tile. The round ends when someone wins.

Additional Sources – Mahjong Rules

Of courses the mahjong game is not that easy. For that reason references are added below for those who are really interest in learning how to play the mahjong game. The best reference which I have found is from the University of Manchester Mahjong Society. The mahjong tutorial is broken down to three workshops. The downloads are directly from the Mahjong Society (University of Manchester).

Please Note: The rules above are not for the online mahjong connect games.

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